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Tuesday 5th May 2020

First Set

7th  12th 14th 19th  21st May

Tuesday 7th July 2019

9th  14th  16th  21st  23rd

2020 Lessons Dates

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Second Set

Our Lessons we offer are friendly and enjoyable and are designed to teach the basic skills of archery.  The course costs £40 per person. We currently accept payment by cheque and cash.  Each course runs over 3 weeks, with sessions held on a Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm, these are approximately 2 hours long.  All archery equipment is provided by the club.


The course follows the guidlines set for an Archery GB beginners course and as such is open to all, however we do have a minimum age of eight years old.  For beginners under 14 years old we insist an adult is present so they are fully aware of the safety precautions and techniques required to conduct archery safely. In addition, any junior under the age of 14 must always have a parent / guardian who is fully aware of range safety in attendance for the duration of any archery session.