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Here are a selection of Competitions the club are attending

Scorton Silver Arrow  Saturday   16th May Gentlemen only


Selby   Western            Sunday     17th May


YAA  Wetherby   FITA  Saturday   31st May

         Hereford / York  Sunday     1st June


Burton Constable Medieval Longbow Shoot Sunday 7th June


St George's Harrogate  Western   Sunday 14th June


YAA / NCAS Wetherby   FITA  Saturday   4th July

                                          FITA  Sunday      5th July


Wakefield                Albion      Sunday    19th July


Burton Constable American Sunday      2nd August


York Archers          FITA Weekend         29th, 30th, 31st, August


Asham Silver Arrow          Saturday    12th September Ladies Only


Thirsk Bowmen       FITA  Saturday   13th September

                                   FITA  Sunday      14th September


Archers of East Riding  FITA 720 H2H   Sunday 27th September


Barnsley Western Longbow   Saturday 27th September

             Albion / Windsor  Sunday    28th September


Greenman     Western      Sunday    12th  October


Bridlington Indoors Portsmouth Sunday      1st  November


Use this link to take you to the YAA County Calendar were you can click on the relevant entry form.

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