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Winter Indoor Postal League 2019/20

Hi all,


         Bowman of St Mary's have this year entered two teams into the BA Winter League competition (1 recurve and 1 compound) compared to last years four teams of (3 recurve and 1 compound).



Entries are open to anyone in the club who would like their scores to be submitted.


Each month Ian will prompt us when our Portsmouth Postal shoot are due, all shooters wanting to take part need to complete a full Portsmouth Round (6 sighters, 5 dozen scoring arrows) and pass their scores to Ian Clark the same evening.  There will be a score sheet in the hall to write in your scores.


If you would like to enter and want further details please speak/contact Ian Clark.


The division scoring rules have an in built Handicap, in a nut shell there is a threshold score for each division, if your teams score exceeds this threshold then you have to subtract the difference.  This can result in some scores being heavily penalised.  This year has seen BoSM entered into a league more suited to our ability, as last year we kept getting penalised for scoring to high a score!!



































BA Postal League